Snow Blowers

When plowing snow just doesn’t do the complete job, turn to your Woods snow blower to quickly and efficiently clear the way.

The superior two-stage design means more throwing force with less horsepower and the superior discharge chute design means less plugging. Woods snow blowers are built tough to provide reliable performance in heavy, wet or even frozen snow.

Woods Standard Duty Snow Blowers SB84C

Standard Duty Snow Blowers

Designed specifically for subcompact and compact tractors, Woods’ Standard Duty Snow Blowers are able to move large amounts of snow in a short time with working widths from 54- to 84-inches. Reinforced steel side plates offer exceptional durability, and operators can make quick and easy adjustments using the optional hydraulic or electric chute rotator.

All Standard Duty snow blower models are ASAE quick-hitch compatible. SB54S and SB64S come with a Cat 1 three-point hitch, and SB74C and SB84C models come with a Cat 1 and 2 three-point hitch.

Woods Heavy Duty Snow Blowers SS96-2

Heavy Duty Snow Blowers

Woods’ Heavy Duty Snow Blowers have plenty of room to tackle the big storms with working widths from 84- to 108-inches, and up to a 38-inch working height. Adjustments are a breeze with the 200-degree hydraulic chute rotation, which comes standard on every SS model. Double your snow throwing power with two feeder augers on the SS96-2 and SS108-2 models.

All Heavy Duty snow blower models are ASAE quick-hitch compatible, with Cat 2 and 3 three-point hitches.

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