Rotary Cutters

Since 1946, Woods has grown to become the undisputed mowing expert. This legacy began with development of the first tractor-mounted rotary cutter and continues today with unmatched product innovation and service.

Put our products to the test in your own back yard. Rugged, dependable and productive—Woods rotary cutters are designed for the extremes of real world use. No matter if you’re cutting brush or mowing pastures, Woods has the rotary cutter to fit your needs.

Woods rotary cutters—dedicated to craftsmanship and innovation for more than 60 years.

Woods Economy Single-Spindle Cutter HC48

Economy Single-Spindle Cutters

Durable and reliable, the Woods line of Economy cutters are built to tackle grass and light brush. Models include low-horsepower 48″ (HC48), 60″ (HC60), and 72″ (HC72) cutters with a Cat 1 3-point hitch and the 42″ RCC42 Single-spindle cutters with a Limited Cat 1 3-point hitch. Economy cutters come standard with rear metal band deflectors, full-length skid shoes, and rubber front belt shields. Chain shielding is optional. All models are covered with a 3-year gearbox limited warranty.

Woods Single-Spindle Cutters BB7200X with optional chain shielding

Brushbull Single-spindle Cutters

Rugged and reliable, the Woods BrushBull is built to tackle your toughest brush cutting chores. Whether you need to clear brush along fencerows or maintain miles of interstate highway, chances are Woods has a rotary cutter model for the job.

Woods BrushBull single-spindle line has set the standard for today’s rotary cutter market—with innovations such as the smooth, slope-top deck and quick-change blades—and continues to lead the pack.

Four duty classes mean that you can pick the cut capacity that will handle your work — low horsepower for up to 1-inch cut capacity, standard-duty for up to 2-inch cut capacity, medium-duty for up to 3-inch cut capacity and heavy-duty for up to 4-inch cut capacity.

Woods Multi-Spindle Cutters D1260

Multi-Spindle Cutters

The proven leader in the cutter business delivers a full line of easy-to-use standard- and heavy-duty rotary cutters for every application. Woods Multi-spindle Rotary Cutters are available in more than a dozen gear- and belt-driven models. The Woods line-up includes Standard-duty for typical usage and basic applications, Medium-duty for harsher usage and tougher applications, and Heavy-duty for extreme usage and the most demanding applications.

Woods Ditch Bank Cutters S105

Ditch Bank Cutters

Hard-to-reach road shoulders and roadside ditch banks are no match for the Woods mechanical drive Ditch Bank Cutter. From 75-degrees up to 78-degrees down, or any place in between, this cutter will clear brush and weeds in a snap. The Woods mower head “floats” over rough terrain or can be held hydraulically at any angle. Rely on twin box-type construction and a ribbed, reinforced deck for maximum structural strength and confidence to tackle the most challenging slopes.

Woods Batwing Rotary Cutter BW12

Batwing Cutters

We not only build the toughest Batwing, we build the only Batwing! But, don’t just choose us for our name, choose us for the hours of testing in extreme conditions, the rugged sub-structure, and the industry-leading welding and paint standards. Choose Batwing for the sheer ability to tame the most unruly waterways, pastures, and roadsides.

Higher torque capacities, deeper decks, and our innovative wing design ensure you’ll mow more material in less time. Woods Batwing® cutters set the standards for cut quality, distribution, and ease of use, whether you’re cutting brush or shredding stalks.

For a full listing of Woods's rotary cutters, view Rotary Cutters on Woods's website.

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