Divide and Konquer. That’s the philosophy behind the STIHL KombiSystem. This versatile landscaping system includes a powerful STIHL KombiMotor and a complete line of STIHL KombiSystem attachments. Together, they give landscaping professionals the ability to tackle a tremendous range of outdoor tasks without loading the truck with a pile of power tools. Now, all you need is one KombiMotor and your choice of optional landscaping attachments. And with only one engine to fuel and maintain, you save big on fuel and servicing costs. And saving big is our favorite kind of saving.

STIHL KombiMotors are easy to carry and feature powerful, low-emission engines. They feature ergonomically designed handles for comfort, maneuverability and easily accessible engine controls. And when you need to switch attachments, just twist and slide out the old, then slide and twist in the new. That’s it. Now you’re ready to cultivate, edge, prune, trim, blow, sweep and konquer the world, one lawn at a time.

Kombisystem Units
KM 56 RC-E $199.95
KM 90 R $299.95
KM 94 R $319.95
KM 110 R $349.95
KM 130 R $379.95

Powerhead only. Attachments sold separately.

Kombisystem Attachments
FSB KM Curved Shaft Trimmer Auto 11-2 $59.99
FS Line KM Straight Shaft Trimmer Auto 25-2 $99.99
FS Blade KM Brushcutter w/ 4-Tooth Grass Blade $99.99
BF KM Mini-Cultivator $199.99
BG KM Blower $129.99
FBD KM Bed Redefiner (KM 90, 94, 110, 130) $259.99
FCB KM Curved Lawn Edger $109.99
FCS KM Straight Lawn Edger $249.99
FH KM 135° Adjustable Power Scythe $189.99
HL KM 0° Straight Hedge Trimmer $179.99
HL KM 135° Adjustable Hedge Trimmer $259.99
HT KM Pole Pruner $209.99
HT KM Shaft Extension (Metal) $69.99
HT KM Shaft Extension (Metal) $69.99
HT/HL CFK Shaft Extension (Carbon Fiber) $129.99
KW KM Stihl PowerSweep™ $319.99
KB KM Stihl Bristle Brush $279.99

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