Rotary Cutters

Single Spindle Cutters

Land Pride RCR26 Series Rotary Cutter
Land Pride's medium-duty RCR26 Series Rotary Cutters are ideal for cutting on gently sloping or slightly contoured rights-of-way, pastures, set aside acres, and row crop fields.

Folding Cutters

Land Pride RC2512 Rotary Cutter
Land Pride's RC2512 Rotary Cutter is designed for smaller tractors while retaining the features and benefits of larger folding cutters. The 12' width, sharp turning radius, and low tongue weight makes this an ideal Rotary Cutter for compact tractor owners that need a large rotary cutter for farm grass maintenance.

Offset Cutters

Land Pride RC5610 Offset Rotary Cutter
Land Pride RC5610 and RCM5610 Rotary Cutters feature a smooth top design, allowing debris and moisture to roll off or be easily swept or blown off. It's also smooth on bottom, which means less change of dry caking material getting lodged in tight corners. Both models are offset versions of our RC5615 and feature independent spring-cushioned wheel arms for more cushion going through rough terrain.

For a full listing of Rotary Cutters, view Rotary Cutters on Land Pride's website.

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