Core Aerators

Land Pride CA25 Series Core Aerators
The CA25 Series Core Aerators are ideal for small landscapers, golf courses, campuses, and cities to allow air circulation in grassy surfaces. These Aerators utilize replaceable case hardened closed spoons mounted on weighted rotating discs, and the spoons pull cores up to 3″ in length from the soil profile every 7″ of forward travel.

Disc Harrows

Land Pride DH35 Series Disc Harrows
Land Pride’s DH35 Series pull-type Disc Harrows are perfectly matched for seed bed preparation, soil pulverization, and tillage on smaller farms, ranches, construction sites, race tracks, rodeo grounds, nurseries, reclamation sites, and sod farms, and readily adapt to a wide range of tillage conditions.

Landscape Rakes

Land Pride LR05 Series Landscape Rake
The Land Pride LR05 Series Landscape Rakes are perfect for light-duty uses such as cleaning and preparing a site for seeding or general maintenance around farms, parks, and beaches.

Post Hole Diggers

Land Pride PD15 Series Post Hole Digger
The PD15 Series Post Hole Diggers are designed for Category 1 three-point attachment, offers a 48″ auger length and a choice of 6″, 9″, or 12″ auger flights with cast steel fishtail tips. Landscapers, rental yards, contractors, farmers, ranchers, and homeowner will find that the PD15 meets their general duty needs and applications.

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