GR Series

Kubota GR2020


Mow your lawn and mow it well with Kubota's revolutionary Glide Steer technology. Glide Steer enables the perfectionist in you to make sharp turns while cutting down on potential turf damage. The result is a flawlessly cut lawn time and again. Plus, you'll get the job done quickly with outstanding All Wheel Drive traction and a 48″ cutting width.

Kubota GR2120


Kubota's GR2120-2 is engineered to deliver professional results on your lawn, with a 21 horsepower engine and choice between 48″ or 54″ cutting widths. From advanced Glide Steer technology to outstanding All Wheel Drive traction, durability and operator comfort, this machine is value-packed with performance. A freshly cut lawn is calling your name.

For more information about Kubota's GR Series, view GR Series on Kubota's website.

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