All Grasshopper mowers are commercial-grade mowers that are equipped with pressure lube, overhead valve, horizontal crankshaft engines for better cooling (except 100 Series models), airflow and internal lubrication. The horizontal alignment provides more efficient power transfer to the cutting decks and implements.

There are many variables that determine what model is right for you including mowing conditions, engine size and type, fuel preference, cutting width and equipment versatility. Let us help you find the right mower to suit your specific turf-care needs.

Grasshopper 616T front mount zero-turn mower

FrontMount Series

Grasshopper Zero-Turn FrontMount mowers feature a three- or four-wheeled power unit with a front-mounted mowing deck positioned out in front of both the engine and operator's seat. The unit usually has single or dual tail wheels located at the rear of the unit, behind the engine.

FrontMount mowers complete complex mowing jobs faster and are ideal for residential mowing and commercial landscape contractors where mowing in, around and under obstacles is necessary. Low-profile out-front mowing decks reach under shrubs, fences and low-hanging branches. FrontMount mower decks reduce trimming around these and other landscape features, providing time-saving performance on high-acreage jobs with speeds up to 11 mph.

Grasshopper Mid-Mount Model 124

MidMount Series

Get performance and straight-away speed with the MidMount series.

Grasshopper MidMount™ mower decks offer superior strength and durability with minimal service. Coupled with a deep deck design that enhances airflow, these qualities provide a superior cut while reducing worries about downtime and repairs. Versatile MidMount™ mower decks let you change the way you mow without changing decks, facilitating easy conversion from standard side discharge to optional Down Discharge™ mulching or PowerVac™ collection with the same deck. In addition, our 4X Dedicated Rear Discharge™ deck provides a manicured cut while keeping the clippings on the turf and away from roadways and sidewalks.

Grasshopper Mower Accessories

Our complete range of year-round implements can handle just about any grounds maintenance job imaginable and extend the productivity—and profitability—of your Grasshopper zero-turn mower well beyond the normal cutting season. While most implements are designed for use with Grasshopper FrontMount™ mowers, a limited selection of implements are also compatible with Grasshopper MidMount™ mowers.

For a complete listing of Grasshopper models, visit the Grasshopper website.