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Woods® and Gill® brand landscape blades are designed for maximum performance and minimum down time. Durable, formed moldboards are curved for rigidity and strength. Adjustable blades allow you to adjust the tilt, angle, and offset to match the job. Available in standard-, medium-, and heavy-duty models in lengths ranging from five to ten feet. Whether it's landscaping grading, construction clean-up, or snow removal, rely on our full line of grading blades for years of performance and durability.


From the reinforced steel A-frame to the tough, reversible cutting edge, and replaceable shanks, Woods® and Gill® box scrapers are designed for exceptional durability and versatility.  Full-length, doubled beveled cutting edges improve cut.  High strength moldboards will withstand years of rugged use. A comprehensive line of standard-, medium-, and heavy-duty models and available in widths ranging from 48 to 84 inches. There's even a rollover model for industrial use. The SR Series features a retractable scarifier bar that is operated from the tractor seat, making it both versatile and easy to use.



Woods® landscape rakes are built with the rugged durability you'll need for touch clean-up jobs - and the versatility and fine raking features for light-duty lawn care and general maintenance. Our landscape rakes feature high strength box-type beams and spring-steel tines for handling rocks, dirt, or sand. Each model offers multiple angle positions and can pivot 360 degrees. Available in a variety of lengths, and in standard-, medium-, and heavy-duty models.


Utilizing a heavy frame and large bearing drive, Woods® power rakes provide years of performance in the toughest conditions. Available in tractor or skid steer mounted models, with widths of 60, 72, and 96 inches, these tough rakes can dig up to three inches. Use them for jobs ranging from preparing landscape seed beds to removing rocks and debris on construction grading projects.


Gill® professional-grade pulverizers loosen, level and pulverize a wide variety of materials. They feature tough H-beam construction with heat-treated steel pins welded into the roller for years of superior performance. Add a second roller to any model to double your pulverizing action and create a smoother finish. Available in widths ranging from 48 to 84 inches, and standard- or heavy-duty  models.


The Gill® core aerator helps reduce soil compaction in heavy soil conditions. Case hardened 1/8-inch/thick spoons core the earth to allow air, water and minerals to revitalize the toughest turf. This professional grade plugger will provide years of maximum productivity for projects ranging from light-duty lawn care to professional landscaping. Available in 48-, 60-, and 72-inch widths.


The Gill® Super Turf Renovator is a versatile, two-in-one landscape tool that can see fresh soil or renovate existing lawns and pastures - no need for freshly turned soil. Tapered steel pins on the front rollers agitate and prepare the ground. The seed box follows soil preparation with steady, even seeing. The back roller finishes the job with the right level of push to cover the seed. All this versatility without changing equipment! Simply engage the seed box drive mechanism to add seeding capabilities. Also available without the seed box.


Woods® offers a comprehensive line of rotary tillers for projects from landscaping and gardening to farming and commercial use. Offset tiller models extend your tilling capacity by moving the unit up to 14 inches to the right to cover tire tracks and leave a perfect finish. A PTO slip clutch and parking stand are standard features on all models. Available in widths from 40 to 88 inches, and in Estate Series, general purpose, commercial-, or super-duty m models to match - and master - any tilling project.



Woods'® commitment to professional-grade, high quality equipment is evident in its line of post hole diggers. Heavy-duty welded construction, a rugged gearbox with tapered roller bearings, spring-loaded seals, and forged steel teeth offer the durability you need for big or small jobs whatever the soil conditions. Available in a three-point hitch for categories 0, limited 1, 1, and 2 tractors, and with a range of auger bit diameters to meet a variety of needs - whether its landscaping, farming, or commercial use. Options include parking stand, auger extension, semi-double, and double-flight augers, and down-pressure kits.


Whether you're creating mulch for the garden or clearing new-growth trees, Woods® has the best tool for you. The Model 5000 chipper/shredder is designed to reduce solid material and debris up to five inches in diameter to fine, useable mulch - perfect for gardeners and landscapers. The medium-duty 8000 series of chippers features reversible steel blades that chip debris up to either inches in diameter - for professional landscapers and farmers. These Woods® chippers and chipper/shredders are PTO-driven with a three-point hitch mount. 


The Woods® PTO-powered stump grinder is built to perform - reducing a 24-inch high stump to mulch in minutes. With a 55 degree swing arc, there's no need to reposition the tractor for grinding stumps up to 45 inches wide. The stump grinder's slim design and long reach allow for operation in tight places. It mounts to the 3-point hitch on 50 to 100 horsepower tractors and is operated from the safety of the tractor cab. Slip clutch and shear bolts provide protection against abnormally severe shock loads.


Woods® has set the standard in mowers for more than 55 years. Your choices being with our complete line of tractor-mounted finish mowers that cut quickly, efficiently, and beautifully, year after year. Property owners and professionals looking for a 365-day machine will choose the Mow'n Machine, a zero-turn riding mower with an array of rugged attachments and options. Every Woods mower is built tough to withstand the rigorous demands of professional lawn and turf care, yet has the versatility and features to satisfy every property owner. 

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